Why is Trademark Registration important in India?

Trademark registration process in India is required if a company/individual shall possess the whole ownership of the mark and shall protect it from the misuse by the third party. Trademark registration in Karur gives right to need appropriate action against the third party against an infringement of the trademark. Registering a trademark gives the owner prerogative to use it for its products and/or services. If the trademark incorporation process is followed smoothly, then the owner can use the symbol that indicates that specific trademark is registered. The symbol indicates trademarks incorporation in India application is filed. Why is Trademark Registration important in Karur? is what we are going to be discussed in this article below.

Anyone who are often a private , company, proprietary or legal entity claiming to have a trademark the trademark application are often filed during a few days and you’ll start using the “TM” symbol. and therefore the time required for a trademark registry to finish formalities is 8 to 24 months. Once your trademark is registered and a certificate of registration is issued, you’ll use Reg (registered symbol) next to your trademark. Once registered the trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of filing, which can be renewed from time to time.

Trademark Benefits

Trademark incorporation has many benefits once your brand gains attraction. the tiny effort of yours will preserve a trademark for generation and develop a singular identity, that associates the people with the precise brand. It gives you the facility to work out your right to the trademarked word, logo, and sound, graphic or an honest color combination. It protects your “mark” by preventing similar names from being registered by other businesses operating within the space. It’s an intangible to the business and builds the arrogance of investor on the company.

1. Recognize brands

A registered trademark gives the brand identity of your business or product, helping customers quickly recognize and remember your brand. Trademark registration in karur means competitors cannot use it and thus remain the sole asset for the client.

2. Gets attraction

Registered trademarks form within the market to draw in customers, as your registered mark will give your product customer brand satisfaction and recognition.

3. Provides legal protection

Registration of a trademark provides legal protection against any quite abuse, including infringement or copying of the merchandise name or logo, which is usually the foremost valuable asset of a business. It gives the owner of the trademark exclusive national possession of the trademark which may be legally enforced in any a part of the planet by the courts of law.

4. An intangible

A registered trademark is a useful asset to a corporation because it helps generate more sales and helps attract and retain customers through name awareness.
It also gives the corporate the right to use a logo with the power to re-register for up to 10 years.

5. Provides exclusive rights

The registration of the mark gives the proprietor of the mark the proper to form the mark distinct and obscure and to use it in various media. this may be of considerable benefit to prove the authenticity of the label and just in case of possession by any third party violation register.


Importance of Trademark Registration in India The regulator of patent design and trademarks is run by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. In India, trademarks are used for words, names, logos, numbers, slogans and devices. Trademark registration gives the owner an prerogative . Trademark registration distinguishes a product from an identical product of other businesses. The trademark proves to be an intangible for the owner and protects the brand for an extended time. The trademark gives the owner the only right to use such words, logos and slogans.
Trademarks in India are incorporation under the Trademarks Act 1999. Trademark registrations are divided into different categories, determined by the character of the business and therefore the activity they manage. There are a complete of 45 total classes for various products and services. The Authority keeps track of each registered trademark. A registry is maintained surely goods and services. Thus, it’s important to specify the category of product or service when registering. Once a trademark is registered it’ll be valid for 10 years. However, if applied within the stipulated time, it are often renewed for subsequent 10 years.
Trademark protects your brand and provides you with the tools to prevent someone from riding on the rear of your business. Trademark is capable of distinguishing the products or services of 1 person from those of others and includes the shape of products, their packaging, and a mix of colours. Allow us to understand more reasons of Importance of Trademark Registration in India.

Valuable Assets

A registered trademark may convince be a valuable assets for your company / Business. These assets keep it up appreciating over time. As your business grows over time, the price of the trademarks gets scaled up automatically. So, if your business uplifts, your trademark also uplifts in value.

Protection to your Brand

A incorporated trademark establishes ownership over the brand, name or logo. It saves your brand from any unauthorized use of the third party. The registered trademark proves that the merchandise totally belongs to you and you have got exclusive rights to use, sell, and modify the brand or goods in whichever manner you’d like.

Provides Uniqueness to Brand

A brand that’s unique and different must be registered as every business needs a brand or logo that stands out, which differentiates your brand from that of others. Hence, a registered trademark gives a singular identity to your brand.

Easy Communication tool

Yes, Trademarks may convince be an efficient and easy communication tool. They represent themselves. A registered trademark are often easily identified which brand your product belongs to. as an example , once you see a silver color half bitten apple on any device, be it a laptop or a phone, you’ll easily identify that it’s an Apple product.

Easy for patrons to hunt out

A registered trademark makes it easy for patrons to hunt out the merchandise. Because it’s an efficient tool and unique in its identity, the trademarks that are registered are often easily traceable and customers may reach your product easily.

Trademark is forever

Trademark once registered can last for eternity. The Trademark registered by any firm remains with them forever. Yes, the trademark registration in karur shall be renewed after every 10 years. However, the identity that it gave to the brand remains forever..

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