Trademark Registration In Karur

We can define the trademark in a simple way, like trademark is an identification symbol of products and services. Most of the business prefer such marks to extract their products and services from other competitors and external world. It act as a legal barrier from the infringements and violations for a word, logo, design, phrase or any combinations. The product’s trademark can be classified into five types. Generic mark, descriptive mark, suggestive mark, fanciful, and arbitrary mark. The marks which are used to identify particular services are termed as service marks. Owner of the mark can be any individual, organization or any legal entity.


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Legal Protection

The owners of the registered trademark can only able to charge against the trademark infringement.


Trademark filing provides a unique identity and brand for your goods and services and also avoid violations.

Asset creation

Trademark is an intangible assets of an organization and it creates intellectual property and rights of business.


The registered trademark is the symbol of quality, goodwill, care and trust to your valuable customers.

Global filing

The global registration of the trademark is under the basis of trademark filing process in India.

Quality Trademarks

The Quality trademarks are the remarkable part of the goods and services in the market.

How important to register a trademark
  • Trademark is important to protect your business and the brand identity.
  • Trademarks generate the goodwill and it is an important asset for your business.
  • By using the registered mark you can stop others from using your logo, name etc.
  • It is the emblem of loyalty and membership
  • It encourages further purchase from customers
  • Trademark can be licensed, sold or assigned
  • It guarantees the quality of goods and services
Frequently Asked Questions

There are two symbols in a trademark TM (™) and R (®). The TM symbol indicates that the trademark is not registered yet, but can be used to promote goods and services. The symbol (®) point out that the mark is registered and it gives the complete ownership to the proprietor of the mark.

Registration of a trademark is not that much compulsory. Registration is the initial phase to submit the authorization of the mark under certain rules. Registered trademark will not undergone any infringement activities. This is an added advantages of a mark when it gets registration.

Work mark: The word mark consist of a word or a combination of words, numerous, symbols or anything else. For example: adidas, Nike

Device mark: The device mark is the combination of words, labels, logo etc. in a specific format.

Colour Mark: It is a specific colour or colour combination to indicate the source of goods and services.

Three dimensional mark: It is applied in the place of particular shape. The mark can be represented in three dimensional shape.

Sound Mark: The sound mark is unique to represent something. Thus it is really important to save such marks.

Normally, the registration principles takes 8-10 months. But depending upon the legal issues and opposition the time may change from years to years. All is depending upon the opposition and legal violations.

The similarity in trademark can be identified by the public search on the trademark official port. You can find it in the SERP page. Likewise, the registrar can give the preliminary advice in form TM-M along with required fees.

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