Who may apply Trademark for Registration in India?

Who Can Obtain a Trademark?

Trademark enrollments are generally used to secure brand or mottos or authored words that are one of a kind to an individual or substance. Trademark enrollment can in this way be acquired by people or organizations or not-revenue driven associations. Be that as it may, every one of the different class of people or element have various necessities while documenting a trademark application. In this article, we check out a portion of the prerequisites for documenting trademark application in view of the candidate type. Who may apply Trademark for Trademark Registration in Karur is what we are going to be discussed in this article below.


An Individual (Person)

An individual not doing any business is likewise qualified to document a trademark application and acquire trademark enrollment for a word or image that is proposed to be utilized by him/her later on. While documenting trademark application as an individual, the complete name of the candidate is required.

Joint Owners

In the event that two people meet up and choose to record a trademark application for Trademark registration, then, at that point, the names of both the individual should be referenced on the trademark application.

Ownership Firm

If there should be an occurrence of an ownership firm recording a trademark application, the complete name of the Proprietor should be referenced in the application. A business name or ownership name isn’t satisfactory as the name of a person. This is on the grounds that a business name or ownership name is more in the idea of an assumed name for the genuine individual and ownership firms are not a different lawful substance. Nonetheless, on the off chance that an ownership name or business name is remembered for the application notwithstanding the name of a singular candidate, those subtleties will be caught independently.

Organization Firm

If there should arise an occurrence of an organization firm petitioning for trademark application, the names of the multitude of accomplices are basically needed to be referenced in an application documented by an association firm. Association firms are not considered as a different legitimate substance and henceforth, the names, everything being equal, should be referenced in the trademark application for trademark registration. On the off chance that the association firm remembers a minor for the organization, the name of watchman addressing the minor ought to likewise be referenced.

Restricted Liability Partnership

If there should arise an occurrence of a Limited Liability Partnership making a trademark application, the application for enrollment should be made in the LLP name. A LLP being a consolidated body has its own personality. Along these lines the Partner without anyone else can’t be the candidate, wherein the trademark should have a place with a LLP.

Indian Company

If there should arise an occurrence of a private restricted organization or one individual organization or restricted organization making a trademark application for Trademark registration, the application for enrollment should be made in the organization name. An organization being a joined body has its own character other than its chiefs, consequently an overseer of the organization can’t be the candidate, albeit the application can be marked and presented by the Director or any Officer, approved by the organization.

Unfamiliar Company

If there should arise an occurrence of an unfamiliar joined element making a trademark application in India, the application for enrollment should be made in its own corporate name, as registered under the far off country. The idea of enlistment, nation of consolidation and the law under which the organization is registered, are to be referenced. On the off chance that the unfamiliar organization has no chief business environment in India, the candidate’s location for administration in India ought to be referenced in the application.

Trust or Society

On the off chance that a trademark application is made for a Trust or Society, the name of the Managing Trustee or Chairman or Secretary addressing the Trust or Society ought to be referenced.

Who is qualified to apply for trademark enrollment?

Any individual or association can apply for trademark registration to ensure their item or administration. The application must be recorded referencing the trademark, name and address of the candidate alongside the specialist and Power of Attorney.

Following substances in India are pertinent to do a trademark enlistment

  1. Joint proprietors:

The Joint proprietors of an organization together can petition for a trademark and both their names must be referenced in the application.

  1. Ownership firm:

One of the least difficult business structures regarding cost, level of support and set up, a sole ownership firm is certifiably not a different lawful substance and the individual who maintains the business is exclusively answerable for its obligations. Thus, an ownership organization can document a trademark application for Trademark registration under the name of its owner yet not under the business name and ownership name. On the off chance that an ownership name and business name are remembered for the application, those subtleties will be thought about independently.

  1. Association firm:

Administered by the Indian Partnership Act, an organization firm is framed when at least two people maintain a business together as accomplices fully intent on acquiring benefits which are similarly shared or as referenced in their arrangements. While enlisting for a trademark, an association organization needs to specify every one of the names of the accomplices in the application, with the greatest number being 10. On the off chance that there is a minor accomplice, the name of the minor’s watchman must be referenced.

  1. Restricted Liability Partnership or LLP:

As LLP organizations are joined on their own characters, this sort of organizations can petition for trademark enlistment under the separate LLP’s name. In any case, the actual accomplices can’t be candidates.

  1. Indian organization:

For any Indian organization whether private restricted or restricted or some other sort, the trademark application for Trademark registration must be made in the organization’s name. It is to be noticed that any consolidated substance has its own personality because of which a head of an organization can’t be a trademark candidate.

  1. Society or trust:

Associations that are made with the point of social help rather than benefits fall under Trust or Society. It is known as a Trust on the off chance that it is framed in view of a lawful understanding in which a recipient holds the property and chooses legal administrators to control the resources and activities. It very well might be registered as a Society assuming there more people meeting up to satisfy a specific reason.

Both Trust and Society can do trademark enrollment, if it is done in the interest of the Trust or Society and the names of Chairman, Managing Trustee and Secretary are referenced in the application.

  1. An individual or an individual:

Any person who needs to enroll their remarkable words or images are qualified to petition for trademark registration enlistment under their own names. Notwithstanding, it isn’t required that they need to carry on with work.

Just the substances who have their trademarks registered can make, set up and secure their merchandise, administrations and items consequently halting other unlawful utilization of their mark.

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