Trademark renewal

A trademark (commonly known as brand names in common parlance) is a visual symbol that may be a source of goods, a signature, a name, a device, a label, an issue or a word indicating the colors or services used, or other commercial articles that Origin is to distinguish it from other similar goods or services. The trademark provides protection by guaranteeing the owner of the mark the unique right to use it or by authorizing another to use the same in return for payment. Trademark protection enforced by the courts, which has the right to block trademark infringement in most systems. Trade Marks promotes initiative and enterprise worldwide by rewarding trade mark owners with recognition and financial profit. How can we be sure and choose a good trademark!


> Do a good search

> Do not use the name of any geographical location

> Do not select abandoned symbols

> Don’t make the mistake of any clerk

> Don’t use very general words

> Don’t try to take phonically the same mark

> Don’t just file for the word mark, file separately for the logo mark

> Do not file without access affidavit

Importance of trademark registration in India

Registering your brand or business in India offers a set of benefits below.

Business opportunities

If you provide or offer a brand, service or product under a registered trademark, it helps you to present yourself as credible and trustworthy. It helps your brand gain a discerning identity, which helps you outperform your competitors, and puts you at an advantage when selling on a multi-vendor platform.

Legal protection

If you have registered your brand or logo and you feel that your trademark has been copied, you can take legal action and sue the person or company in question.

Unique identity

Consumers differentiate products and services by their brand name. Trademark registration in karur assures you that no other individual or company will use your copyrighted property.

Global filing

If you register in India and file a trademark, you can file it in other countries as well. Similarly, foreigners can also get trademark registration in karur.

There are many benefits to renewing a trademark. Registration of trademark awards to the holder of many rights trademarks protected by law. It prevents trademark infringement and also provides for re-intuition installation in case of such infringement. It also gives the holder the right to transfer the trademark to another person or company as he wishes. Licensing of a trademark is possible only if the holder of the trademark has registered a trademark, so the registered trademark has considerable financial value.

 How to renew a trademark

To get started, remember that you need to start the renewal process three to six months before the expiration of the trademark. The registrar will, at last, only notify you of trademark expiration near the deadline, and the process takes a few months to complete.

Form-18 is available for the renewal process. The application must be accompanied by the required fee that needs to be paid for the renewal of the trademark. An application for trademark renewal is finally reviewed for quality before it is renewed. Once the reviews are completed, the owner of the trademark is responsible for obtaining a certificate of renewal, thus marking its continued ownership.

The registered trademark is only valid for 10 years, after which it needs to be renewed. When you are about to renew a trademark, you have two options:

Renew like a trademark

Renew the trademark with changes and modifications

The application for trademark renewal is Form-TM-R.

The application does not need to be filed by the registered owner of the trademark, it can be done by an authorized representative or agent.

The status of the application must be followed if anyone has lodged a protest for trademark registration after filing the application. Such protests can be lodged by any person in public.

The trademark will be published in the Official Gazette in the Trademark Journal when the application is approved.

If the trademark is published, the owner of the trademark will be protected for another ten years.

Trademarks can be renewed indefinitely.

The price for a trademark renewal depends on whether he is physically a person or if he is done online.

For trademark renewal, the following requirements are required:

A copy of the registration certificate

Copy of TM-A form (Form used for original application for trademark registration)

Proof of ID and address of the applicant

Power of Attorney if the applicant is an authorized representative or agent.

Trademark renewal can happen in two ways:

  1. You can apply for a renewal to replace any symbols or words in an existing trademark; Or
  2. You can apply for renewal without modification.

Renewal process and forms

  1. Renewal is applied in TM-12 form
  2. The application may be made either by the registered owner of the trademark or an agent authorized by him.

It. It is very important that you seek the help of a professional to file for the renewal of a trademark application to ensure that the mark is well protected. This is because you want to increase the scope of the defense. After all, if your brand lives 10 years, it’s likely that it will outperform the class under which you previously enrolled.

  1. Filing a trademark renewal application is extended for another 10 years. Trademark registration is valid for another 10 years, and must be renewed before it expires.

Check status

After filing a trademark renewal, the status of the renewal application must be periodically checked until it is processed by the registrar. Trademark renewal sometimes requires numerous time-bound actions or feedback from the applicant. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the status of the application and take necessary action until registration is done.

Trademark Journal

The Trademark Journal is the official gazette.It belongs to Trademark Registry. If the trademark tester rules that the application is acceptable, the trademark is advertised in the trademark journal. When the application is announced, third-parties have the opportunity to oppose the registration of the icon. This process is not required when renewing an existing trademark.

Renewal is important if the brand is still relevant. If not, it can be abused. Let’s take a look at the trademark renewal process.


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