Process of trademark registration

Trademark for words, logos, numerals, design etc. can be obtained in Karur within limited period of time. It gives the legal rights to the owners for using the mark at any time. It is a long term process having multiple steps. Here we are going with those steps.

1) Trademark Search

Before entering into the registration process each person have to go ahead with the initial phase known trademark search in the database. Through this we will get an information about the already existing marks and their classes. Registration is continued by trademark search. Trademark search can be done via the official portal of the government website.

2) Trademark Filing

After the trademark search gets over the application convert to trademark Registrar. The applications should be crafted under certain formats and required fees. The application can be proceed at one of the five trademark Registrar office having jurisdiction over the state. Filing can be done via online or trademark agent. Trademark application should contain the below information.

  • Respective trademark
  • Name and address of the Respective trademark owner
  • Trademark class
  • The date of the mark since it is used
  • Description of the goods and services
3) Allotment

After the trademark filing is done the allotment number get generated within two to three working days. Then the trademark can be tracked along with the online trademark search facility. After getting the allotment number owner can place the symbol next to the logo.

4) Vienna Codification

Vienna classification is established by the Vienna agreement (1973). It is an international classification of marks. Once the application get filed, the registrar apply for the Vienna classification based on the figurative elements.

5) Trademark Examination

Once the Vienna codification done the registration application will transfer to the trademark officer in the trademark registrar office. He has the power to correct and issue the trademark examination report. He can publish the mark in the trademark journal publications.

6) Trademark Journal publication

Once the trademark registrar accepts the application it may published in the trademark journal. In weekly wise it gets updating and we will get full details of the updated trademarks. The publics have the full rights to raise the objections against those trademarks. If there are no objections then it gets filed within 90 days of that publications.

7) Trademark Registration

If there are no objections then the trademark registration certificate get generated. Once it get generated the trademark may considered as the registered one and the owner gets exclusive rights on the mark. The ®symbol can place next to the logo.


Register and place the symbol next to your logo. Enhance the brand power with single registration process at Karur.